It’s inevitable that over time your organisation’s IT equipment will age, and need to be replaced. When this happens, it’s vital that you dispose of all your old electronics properly. Improper disposal is not only environmentally problematic, but it can leave your company open to a wide range of complications through data that’s easily stolen.

This is why most companies will choose IT recycling, along with some form of data destruction when replacing outdated equipment. And for good reason, there are potentially numerous undesirable consequences to not securing your old data.

It Can Leave Your Organisation in Legal Trouble

When your organisation’s data is left exposed, this leaves many of your clients and employees personal information unprotected as well. This can land your company in legal trouble depending on the severity of the data breach.

Old IT equipment can have incredible amounts of data that could be invaluable to a cyber-criminal.Even with encryption or hard drives that have been formatted, a gifted hacker can still gain access to your information.

The only way to ensure the safety of your data is through a guaranteed and secure data destruction technique.

Company Secrets Can Be Stolen

Regardless of your industry, chances are that you do not want your company’s internal business posted across the internet. This can be devastating to a company’s reputation, especially if the information is sensitive.

The theft of important data can lead to financial losses for a company, and potentially cause internal conflict. Only through proper disposal or electronics recycling of the equipment which holds your organisation’s sensitive data can you be assured that all important information has been destroyed.

It Can Hurt Your Organisation’s Reputation

One of the biggest risks that your company could face from a data breach is the destruction of its reputation. In the past, huge companies reputations have been destroyed due to improper data storage or disposal techniques. Companies such as Equifax, CEX and Zomato all suffered huge losses due to data breaches that affected up to millions of users!

Customers will refuse to do business with a company who they don’t feel that their personal information is secure with. Other companies may also be reluctant to do business with an organisation that doesn’t seem to value personal information.

Increases Your Vulnerability to Future Attacks

If you don’t properly dispose of your company’s electronics through IT recycling, and then you’re leaving your organisation more vulnerable to future attacks. With access to all your company’s data, someone who’s proficient with programming can easily pinpoint your company’s weaknesses, making you far more vulnerable to attacks.

Firewalls, encryption and other data protection techniques may be helpful, but it’s all useless if the wrong person gets their hands on improperly disposed of IT equipment.

Make Sure to Destroy Your Data

For the reasons listed above, as well as countless others, it is important that your company always takes the proper measures to destroy their data. That’s why Resolve IT takes data destruction so seriously. Before any electronics recycling takes place, we make sure that all data is properly destroyed, all free of charge.

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