Electronics You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Every year tonnes upon tonnes of electronic waste is sent to the junkyard when many of those items could be recycled. Not only does electronics recycling help to protect the environment by keeping dangerous chemicals out of landfills—where they can pollute the earth and harm local animal populations and ecosystems—but it also means that individuals and organisations who could have a use for these pre-loved items are able to benefit from them.

Why Don’t More People Recycle Their IT Equipment?

One of the biggest reasons why a person or company may elect to throw their used electronic equipment away, as opposed to using a service such as Resolve IT Recycling Group, is because they are concerned about data protection. Many may believe that by throwing their used electronic equipment away, their data is less likely to be accessed by a third party in the future. Additionally, they may not know that certain types of equipment actually can be professionally recycled for further use by others.

IT recycling is important because it effectively takes care of both of these concerns. First off, by having a professional organisation handle your equipment after use, you ensure that the data will be efficiently destroyed; you also help these items to have a second life, which you can feel good about from both a social and environmental standpoint.

Recyclable Items that Require Data Destruction

For any items that require data destruction—regardless of whether they are found in your business or your home—you should absolutely be considering a professional IT recycling service. Common workplace items include: all types of computers (including monitors, keyboards, mainframes, and hard drives), printers, all types of telephones (even the really old ones!), copying equipment, calculators, and answering systems.

Additional Electronics You Should Be Recycling

All of the above is pretty standard when it comes to electronics recycling. What you may not realise is that there are a number of other electronics that can also be properly disposed of, ensuring that they stay out of landfills and—what’s more—can go on to further benefit others who may be able to give them a new home.

For example, use a service like Resolve IT Recycling Group to properly dispose of your pre-loved tools, such as drills, saws, and lawnmowers. Many household appliances are also needlessly taken to the dump every year, such as vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, and coffee machines. You may be surprised to hear that your old smoke detectors, thermostats, and heating regulators can also be taken care of by a professional service.

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