How can you collect for free?2017-07-21T12:05:42+01:00

That’s easy,

  • We employ well trained IT Technicians and through our process we RE-USE as much equipment as possible.

  • We are Registered Microsoft Refurbisher (RRP) which enables us to re-sell low cost I.T to Businesses and Schools

  • We use well organised collection routes which enables us to collect anything from 1 item upwards without any increase cost to the customer.

  • We are well supported by returning customer’s and councils who recommend our services to their local area.

  • We only use our own tracked vehicles and don’t increase costs via hire contracts.

How do I know what paperwork I need?2017-07-21T12:06:57+01:00

Through our booking process you will be asked some short questions which will determine the relevant paperwork required by law. We will manage all this for you, all you will need to do is have someone sign the paperwork on collection day. We will then email you copies and hold them on record for you.

  • Environment Agency approved paperwork

  • Managed paperwork

  • Copies emailed to clients and kept on record

How long do I need to wait for a collection?2017-07-21T12:09:28+01:00

Nearly all collections are dealt with within 1 week unless a date is requested beyond that. Larger collections are normally collected within 1 week with smaller ones being arranged around them. Customers can book urgent collections depending on the size of the load and should be aware that half terms and holiday’s are very busy for us and therefore should be booked in advance.

  • All collections should be dealt with within 2 weeks

  • Larger collections have a 1 week turnaround

  • School holiday collections should be booked in advance to avoid a longer wait

  • Priority collections available on request

How secure is my data?2017-07-21T12:14:00+01:00

We take data security very seriously and therefore have procedures in place to ensure all forms of media are securely data wiped or destroyed. Our software wipes all data to HMG IS5 (CESG) Standard and provide certificates on request. Tape, Flash, CD media etc.. is either wiped or destroyed. The collection is carried out in one of our own tracked vehicles and a DBS checked member of Staff

  • All hard drives are wiped to HMG IS5 (CESG) standard

  • All media is wiped or destroyed

  • Certification available on request

  • Our own tracked vehicles

What items will you collect?2017-07-21T12:15:58+01:00

We have a dedicated section on our website ‘What we recycle’. However this is a common question. We take all forms of Electronic items this can range from cookers, hair dryers to PC’s, Laptops and servers. We are predominantly an IT based company and therefore we do require IT in each collection along with the other items many other companies would leave behind. Were very proud of our NO CHERRY PICKING policy and that often gives us the edge over most of our competition.

  • We take all forms of electronics – although we are predominantly an IT based company.

  • We don’t cherry pick items – Some companies will only take certain items, often leaving you with equipment that will cost you to dispose of.

  • We have no minimum quantities for collection

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