Electronic Recycling across UK

FREE I.T / Electronic WEEE Recycling service

The electronic industry evolves quickly, meaning that IT hardware and equipment that was current only a year or two ago can find itself out of date and no longer fit for purpose. This is even more so if you run a business in the UK which is reliant on the latest hardware to stay ahead of the competition.

If you’ve just undergone an IT hardware refresh and have found yourself with several PC terminals that you no longer have a use for, consider making use of our electronic recycling services. Our service is free of charge and we’ll responsibly destroy all your personal and confidential data. If you’re located in the UK, contact us today and we’ll provide you with an overview of how we can assist.

Easy Booking System

Right from the beginning you will find our service simple to use and we will take all the work out of arranging a collection. Their are many options available to make a booking which include:

  • Telephone (0845) 5570688
  • Email – please use the contact form on this website (Preferred)
  • Online Booking Form – This is the fastest way to get a booking slot (Preferred)

Once you have made contact we will guide you through every step of the way. This will include a very short questionnaire to determine the correct legal paperwork. We will then issue you with a collection date that suits you.


We will collect your items on the date agreed. We will send out one of our own tracked vans with one of our experienced drivers. The driver will load all of the equipment without the need for help (providing the equipment is on the ground floor). The driver will then issue you with the relevant paperwork for you to sign. Once the items are received back to the warehouse you will be issued with copies of your paperwork via email.

Reprocessing & Laptop Recycling Near me

Laptops work in much the same manner as any desktop computer and typically contain all of the same components. For this reason, the disposal and recycling of laptops must be handled in the same way as their desktop counterparts to ensure regulatory compliance and the secure removal of sensitive information.

Our services include PC recycle anywhere in the UK, which will see us collect and securely recycle your old computer hardware, repurposing it for use elsewhere under the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program. If you require services by way of PC recycling in the UK, get in touch with us today to book your collection.

Data Destruction

ALL media which may contain data i.e. Hard Drives, Tapes, Floppy Disks, CD’s etc.. is securely data wiped before either being reprocessed or destroyed. Our company takes customers data seriously an therefore carries out this process even if it’s not requested. Hard Drives and Flash Media is wiped to HMG IS5 (CESG) standard which guarantees the destruction of the customers data. The media is then ready to be re-used preventing it’s unnecessary destruction. Any media which fails this process is destroyed. We can supply data destruction certificates on request at no cost.

Charitable Donation

We are always looking to help local charities, schools, nurseries or community projects with donated equipment. We are happy to do this is conjunction with our customers and were happy for you to select your charity.

Client’s peace of mind

With the introduction of new laws regarding redundant I.T equipment, making firms managers and personnel liable to face fines or even imprisonment if items regarded as WEEE aren’t disposed of to carriers with the appropriate license to do so. We currently have in place all the licenses required, and can guarantee safe disposal of your items. You can also be assured the data on your computers will never be exposed once we have collected it. You will receive all the paperwork required by Law.

Beneficial Employment

In conjunction with a local organization we provide a back-to-work scheme for the long-term unemployed. We train temporary members of staff to work with computers, and further their knowledge in the work environment over a 13-week period. Often leading to full time employment with us.

We offer full time IT apprenticeships in conjunction with our local college. Right now we have 6 new apprentices which are gaining unrivaled experience in our field.

We also work with local comprehensive schools to provide work experience for their pupils.

Contact Resolve IT Services: Recycling PCs covering the entire UK

We take the security of your data very seriously and always work to ensure it has been comprehensively wiped from any storage devices that we collect from you. If for any reason this isn’t possible, we will destroy the hardware to prevent it from ever being reused.

If you’re in possession of old desktop computers or laptops that you no longer require, call us today and we’ll commence the booking process so that we can efficiently collect each item from your premises and recycle them in the safest manner possible.