Nationwide On-Site Hard Drive / Data Shredding

Resolve IT Recycling offer a Nationwide On-Site Hard Drive Shredding service, alongside our Free Data Sanitisation service. Generally most people are aware that proper destruction, or sanitisation, is an absolute necessity to combat data theft and reduce the risk of identity theft, espionage and fraud; It’s not always obvious is how to go about this process. We recognise some of our clients may require the highest level of Data Security so we have developed a bespoke on-site / off-site hard drive shredding service. Shredding is the perfect solution for permanently destroying all types of magnetic data and ensuring your data can never be misused. Our service is carried out to our very high 3 TIER ISO: 9001, 14001 and 27001 standards to ensure our clients Data Protection and GDPR compliance.

Who could benefit from this service?

This premium service could suit any of our clients needs and pricing ranges from 1 data source to 1000’s. Any organisation who deals with sensitive personal data may require on-site / off-site shredding services and we can help with this; If you’re unsure about which data option suits you best we would be happy to help. As a quick reference these following organisations would often require our Shredding service:

Local Government

Film Studios


NHS Organisations

Education Organisations

Personal Data Processors

On-Site Hard drive Shredding service

We will send our dedicated shredding vehicle to shred your data holding media in-front of you for ultimate security. Our trained staff will register all of your serial numbers and provide a full data destruction certificate on completion. The data protection compliant hard drive shredding service destroys all types of digital media devices in a safe and economical way, including most hard drives, DLT, Ultrium, LTO magnetic tapes, CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray optical media, credit and identity cards, USB Sticks, Solid State, even Phones and PDAs.

Service Highlights

See your data being shredded

Data Protection / GDPR Compliance

Disposal of Waste

Data Destruction Certificate + Seriall Numbers

Best like for like Pricing

Security / Safety Features

DBS Checked Staff

Live Satellite Tracked Vehicles

On-Site Risk Assesment

3 Tier ISO Accredited Service

Qualified Data Protection Officer

Off-Site Hard Drive Shredding Service

This service maintains all the standards of our On-Site Hard Drive Shredding service; however, we collect your media from you and shred them back at our facility. This service has the benefit of reducing the cost to our clients and this may suit clients with poor access. The service would have a dedicated Satellite Tracked vehicle to ensure the highest level of security.

What can we shred?

Nearly all forms of Data holding media will fit though our shredder. If your unsure please Contact Us and we will be able to help.

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Hard Drives

Camera Media Cards

Tape / LTO

VHS Tapes


Smart Phones

CD’s + Floppy Disks

USB Flash Media

+ More

If you would like to go ahead with a Booking enquiry please fill out our Booking Form