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Resolve IT Recycling Group offer a wide range of electrical recycling services, designed to take the confusion out of legally disposing of old electronic equipment. Regardless of the type of hardware in your possession, we will be able to safely and securely recycle it by the removal of sensitive information, allowing it to be reused where possible.

Whether you’re in possession of computer hardware or simply old electrical equipment such as televisions and radios, we are able to collect these items on your behalf, completely free of charge. For more information, call us today to learn more in relation to how we could assist you with your electrical recycling needs.

Secure Data Destruction (CESG)

EA Approved Legal Paperwork

Certificate Data Destruction

Experts in All Aspects of E Waste Disposal and Recycling

We are able to provide your business with a variety of bespoke recycling services depending on the nature of your requirements. If your IT infrastructure consists of several network and telecom switches or other related hardware, we can assist you in wiping their settings and repurposing them elsewhere, either within your organisation or through donations to third parties.

We also recycle e waste across the UK, helping you to dispose of the equipment that is broken or that you simply no longer require. Whether old CRT and TFT computer monitors or projectors that are surplus to requirements, allow us to handle the recycling of your e waste entire UK.

Resolve IT Recycling: Tech Recycling Specialists Serving across UK

Every aspect of our services is governed by legislation that we are required to adhere to by UK law. This includes Environmental Agency paperwork compliance, a variety of ISO standards as well as legislation governing the standards we need to achieve when erasing sensitive information. When you appoint us for tech recycle, you can rest assured of the standards we are held to.

If you require tech recycle , contact us today we cover entire UK and we will provide you with further details on how we could assist you. Alternatively, complete our online booking form with the details of your electronic recycling needs and we’ll provide you with a date for the collection of the equipment you no longer require.